Tailor-made solution for independent labels and artists

The interaction of digital distribution and online marketing increases for independent music companies the room for maneuver and turns them into powerful players in the music business.

Who handles your songs, on which platforms and when are they released and how are they authentically presented there? We offer you an optimally coordinated professional network, bring your music to all relevant streaming & download platforms, take care of it carefully and in direct contact with the providers.

We guarantee you a smooth release, a transparent reporting and accounting of your sales.

Would you like to be especially remembered by your listeners? No matter if presale, presaving, instant gratification or creative booklets - together we will take on the individually suitable promotional measures.

We offer you:

  • professional and tailor-made distribution solutions
  • fair deals and transparent reporting
  • modern promotions

Unfolding power for your songs!

Would you like your music to reach and inspire as many people as possible? With an individual and well coordinated communication you can present yourself and your artistic work in the best possible way, to a broad public. Together with you, we design modern and holistic PR and marketing strategies that allow your songs to fully unfold, reach your fans and attract new audience.

Video Marketing

On the website, YouTube or on social media: creative video content is more essential than ever and just as important is to position your videos in the best possible way. We connect you with video artists to create powerful content and push your videos, with professional online tools, on our channels and on channels of other industry partners.


With a well coordinated release strategy among all partners, a bigger impact of your release can be achieved.

At the core of every release strategy are the artists with their special characteristics and qualities. With us, nobody needs to bend - on the contrary: we want to strengthen your individual profile so that you can live out your musical ideas with joy and infuse your fans with your energy. Based on this, we develop a forward-looking cross-media strategy together, bring suitable and committed PR agencies on board and make your release a success!Ask for an individual offer!

Playlist Marketing

Playlists on streaming platforms are a central tool for presenting your songs to a new audience with similar musical taste. We will refer your songs to professional playlist curators and present your music on our label's own playlists.

We offer you:
  • modern and comprehensive marketing strategies
  • support for emotional and powerful video content
  • more unfolding power for you and your songs
  • Soundnotation

    We love to combine music and technology. Through our portal SOUDNOTATION we offer a direct service for rights holders out-of-the-box. No long contract negotiations, just register and get started.
    Professional creation and distribution of the sheet music of your songs. Activate your fans by encouraging them to replay your songs! Open up new revenues with a connected worldwide network of music portals.